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How clean is the air you are breathing?

Winter….ugh. Like me, you probably spend the majority of your time indoors, breathing air that is being recirculated throughout your home through your heating system. This air, containing particles that are potentially contaminated with who knows what, flying through every room in your house. Don’t worry, there are air quality products that filter out and protect against these particles and produce new, breathable, fresh air which is beneficial for you and your family’s health. These products can also help save money, prevent allergies and improve sleep. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Save Money 

Let’s face it electricity bills are expensive and who doesn’t like to save money especially on their utility bills? Investing in air quality can cut your bill in half since the products use less energy than typical products. These clean systems last longer, need fewer repairs, and work way better, which in the long run saves you even more money. Since these products use less energy, they save the environment just as much as they save your pockets. 


Do you get a runny nose when the seasons change? Or maybe even an itchy throat and puffy lids? Most Americans suffer through allergy symptoms during the year, and indoor air quality products can help stop and prevent allergens in the air of your home. Moisture and dust particles can have a negative effect on your allergies and your appliances. Air quality helps get rid of harmful particles in the air and continuously filters new clean healthy air keeping you safe. 


Is your skin cracked and turning into an alligator’s? Or are you having trouble sleeping because your air is too humid? Maybe you should invest in an air humidifier. Humidifiers are devices that come in different sizes depending on whether you want moisture back into your whole home or just a single room. Humidifiers help treat dryness, allergies, itchy throat, runny or stuffy nose, helping you breathe better. Humidifiers and air purifiers can also help you get a good night's rest without worrying about being able to breathe through your nose. 


Besides dust and allergens, there could be other particles that emit in your air that you are unaware of. These particles include; viruses, dander, bacteria, furniture, flooring and carpeting, cleaning products, beauty, and personal care products, gas appliances, and outdoor pollution sources, such as smog, radon, and pesticides. Indoor air quality systems protect you and your family against all of these micro-particles in your home.


UV lights kill mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles from a home’s heating and air conditioning systems. The buildup in your ductwork causes your system to work harder making them less efficient forcing more money from your pocket, a UV light can help prevent this from happening and improve airflow. 

Bypass humidifiers help to regulate the humidity level throughout your home while working with your heating system. Bypass humidifiers are most beneficial in the winter months due to dryness from high heat levels in your whole house. 

Steam humidifiers also keeps your humidity levels under control and provides moisture when needed. With steam humidifiers, there’s little effort and upkeep throughout the year. Whole-home air purifiers filter out old air and produce pure, healthy air, throughout your entire home. Whole-home air purifiers are installed as part of your heating and cooling system in your home.

At Cerrone, we offer many indoor air quality products including Steam humidifiers, Bypass humidifiers, UV lights, and Whole Home Air purifiers. All of our products can ensure that you are getting healthy indoor air making you more comfortable in your home. 

Contact us today for a free estimate at (518-798-6560) or visit our website to learn more about our products at: https://cerroneplumbinghvac.com/services/indoor-air-quality

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