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Heating - Furnaces & Boilers

Quality Heating Products and Outstanding Service

Is your heat not working? Call the best - Cerrone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Our systems are designed and installed to make sure your home stays warm. We provide professional, residential and commercial heating services including furnace repair, maintenance, and installation. In addition, we offer emergency heating repair to keep you warm in the event of an unexpected failure.

Heating Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

  • Furnaces

  • Boilers

  • Radiant Heating

  • Baseboard Heating

  • Duct Work & Sealing

  • Pool Heaters

  • Garage Heaters

  • and Much More!


We install a wide range of Furnaces to meet all your heating needs. We make sure your heating and ductwork is sized correctly and sealed to prevent air leakage saving you money. From installations in the attic to the basement, your system will work to perfection, saving you money and meeting your heating needs. Within these systems we can address your humidity needs with a whole house humidifier, or a whole house air purification system.


Now you can upgrade your existing boiler to a single high-efficiency system engineered to deliver high performance and exceptional fuel efficiency. Whether your original heating system was built in this century or previous ones, our skilled team is qualified to analyze and install the boiler that best suits your heating needs. We can help you find the right boiler weather you’re looking for high capacity output, space conservation, or low-cost high-efficiency systems.

Convert From Oil to Gas!

Get rid of your dirty old oil furnace. Gas heating systems are not only more efficient than oil systems, they burn cleaner and require much less maintenance. Convert to a high-efficiency gas heating system and you could save up to 50 percent on your heating bill. Give us a call and one of our heating specialists will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We are straightforward, honest, and frown on pushy sales techniques!

Furnace and Boiler Service and Repair

The heating systems in our homes and business keep us warm throughout the cold New York winters. Although routine maintenance can keep them running reliably, you never know when a failure will leave you cold. In addition to our regular service hours, we also offer emergency service to get your system back up and running quickly. Some of the most common system failures we see are:


    A heat exchanger warms the air or fluid (boiler systems) that is circulated throughout your home or business. Over time, heat exchangers can crack and cause a byproduct of combustion, Carbon Monoxide, to contaminate the air. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic, tasteless and odorless gas. During our heating service, we use a combustion analyzer to test for carbon monoxide in the home. If a leak is detected, the heat exchanger will need to be replaced.


    Most systems have flame sensors or thermocouplings. When a system ignites the fuel, a flame sensor is used to send a signal telling the system there is a flame and to continue to let gas out. Flame sensors or thermocouplings often get dirty over time and the system will not ignite resulting in no heat. We clean flame sensors in the system during our heating service to prevent problems before they happen.


    High-efficiency systems create moisture in the exhaust pipe. This moisture is drained out of the system to a waste line or pump. Drain lines can get clogged or pumps that can fail. Our yearly heating system maintenance service includes the inspecting and cleaning of the drain line and pump.


    Pressure switches, blower motors, roll out switch, gas valves, thermostats, transformers, and relays. Although we thoroughly inspect the system during our heating service, in many cases there are no warning signs when these components fail.