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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Season Change?

The colder weather is sneaking up on us. Colder mornings, nights and days are soon going to be here to stay. Is your home ready for Winter? If not, don't worry! We are here to provide you with tips and tricks to prepare.

  • Check Out Your Units:
    Ensure there are no peculiar sounds coming from your HVAC system. If anything sounds bizarre be sure to mention it to a professional.
  • Schedule a Professional Check-up:
    It is always a great idea to have routine check ups on your HVAC system. The perfect time to schedule this would be before the colder months so you are prepared for the Winter ahead.
  • Check/Replace Your Air Filters:
    Not only will this tip help with indoor air quality but also can  help your HVAC unit perform at its full capacity
  • Close Air Leaks:
    Double check there are no pesky parts of your home where cold air can get in. Be sure to seal these openings to avoid drafts and debris from getting in your house. Doing this will help save energy as well as keep air quality where it needs to be.
  • Make Replacements If Need Be: 
    Prior to the Winter months be sure to check with professionals to see if your units will make it through the season. If not, be sure to make those changes if able. 

Thanks for reading and stay warm this Winter!

Interested in learning more about what we recommend to do before Winter comes? Give us a call at (518) 798-6560.

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