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7 Reasons to Have Your Furnace Serviced

It’s that time of the year again. Nights are cool, bordering on cold, and you are saying (sometimes out loud) “I am not turning on the heat until at least November”. We get it, utility costs skyrocket in the winter regardless of what you are using for fuel, and the frugal at heart want to keep costs as low as possible. With that frugality in mind you may be doing some google searches on how to keep heating costs as low as possible. One of the biggest things you can do is to make sure you have a high efficiency furnace. If not, we would love to install a nice High Efficiency York Furnace for you.

If you already have that high efficiency furnace then your next step is to make sure you are having regular maintenance done. Here are some reasons we feel you should be having your furnace serviced, especially this time of year. 

  1. Reduce your energy bills. One of the most common reasons we found scouring the digiverse. Probably one of the reasons that makes the most sense for the frugal at heart. 

  2. Helps your furnace run as efficiently as possible. This is what makes #1 possible. If your furnace is running at its peak efficiency it will cost you less money than if it wasn’t. Lower heating costs are all about the efficiency of your furnace, mechanically speaking of course. 

  3. Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. If your furnace came with a warranty not maintaining it could void the warranty. So keep it serviced by professionals and keep records of those service calls. 

  4. Keep your family safe. A poorly maintained unit can suffer damage over time. A damaged furnace can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home and have dangerous consequences. So keep your furnace well maintained and have CO detectors throughout the house, just in case. 

  5. Fewer emergency repairs! We get a lot of no heat calls and more often than not it is because the homeowner does not have their furnace regularly serviced. So stay warm, get your furnace serviced regularly! We recommend at the very least having a fall cleaning done and change those filters often!

  6. Extend the life of your furnace. As much as we love installing furnaces we do keep our customers interests at the forefront of what we do. We want you to have the furnace we install for you last as long as possible. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to have regular maintenance done. 

  7. Last but not least - air quality. A poorly maintained furnace with dirty filters can mean that you are breathing in dust particles. You may not even be able to see them but they are probably there. 

So there you have it, our reasons to have your furnace maintained regularly by professionals. As we said, it is important to have a cleaning done at least once a year and to change your furnace filters regularly, A common question of “how often should I change my furnace filters” has no easy answer. It depends on the furnace and the type of filters that you use. We like to use the motto of when in doubt - switch it out. If you still aren’t sure give us a call, we would love to add you to our happy clients list. 

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