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Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service 

We have been running a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company in the Queensbury area for over 25 years now, and there is never a dull moment. Afterall, we are paid to solve problems for our customers and those problems are always changing. No matter what the challenge or how difficult things get, we pride ourselves on great customer service. So we thought we would put paper to pen and give definition to what we feel, as a plumbing - heating - and air conditioning company, is great customer service. 

When you boil it all down it is three simple things. 

  1. Trust - I know this may seem like a no brainer, but it's more than just the overall idea of trust. We want our clients to trust that we will show up on time. We all have busy schedules these days and the last thing you want is for us to mess up yours because we did not show up on time. We want our customers to trust that we will work efficiently. Plumbing, heating, and air conditioning happens in your home, which means you want us in and out as quickly as possible. That takes efficiency. We want our customers to trust that we will bill appropriately. In some cases, like emergency service, there was no established quote or estimate. The last thing you want is to feel like you are being taken advantage of. Lastly, our customers trust us to get the job done. Not half way done, not three quarters of the way done, they want it all the way done. We are not going to leave you high and dry for days or weeks, we are going to work until the job is finished. 
  2. Communication - Communication is the bedrock of everything we do. Clear communication ensures our clients’ expectations are set and met. 

Communication helps to keep our clients informed and at ease throughout the process. Communication helps to solidify trust with our clients because we tell them what we are going to do and then we do it. Communication keeps our team on the same page, working towards completion as efficiently as possible. Without clear communication none of what we do is possible. 

  1. We own our mistakes - No one is perfect, not even us. Every once in a while something does not go to plan, or we make a mistake. When this happens we do not make excuses or try to shift blame. Instead we own the mistake and move forward with doing what is necessary to get the job done. Afterall, that is what you are trusting us to do. Of course, we will communicate very clearly with you every step of the way.

Great customer service is not about being perfect all the time. It is about what happens after a mistake is made, it is about building trust, and it is about clear communication in every situation. We may not always hit that mark but we do always strive to achieve it. We hope you give us the chance to show you!

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