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Cerrone HVAC Helps Keep Homes, Businesses Warm as Winter Approaches

QUEENSBURY — As colder weather approaches in Upstate New York, it becomes even more important to ensure heating systems are working properly. That’s where Cerrone Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning comes in.

Cerrone provides installation, maintenance, and repairs for heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems, and also helps deal with air quality. 

The company, which has primarily dealt with residential properties, has been increasingly providing commercial services. Joe Cerrone, the manager and owner of Cerrone, said this is mainly due to an increase in construction in the Glens Falls area.

“Over the years, we’ve slowly grown, mainly doing new construction and residential service and repair and installations,” said Cerrone. “Just due to the recent Glens Falls renovation projects that are going on right now, we’ve been getting our foot more in the door for commercial projects.”

Dealing with commercial heating is different from residential heating, Cerrone said.

“(Commercial heating is) a bit more in-depth, I would say,” said Cerrone. “There’s a lot more things going on.”

The company had taken on what Cerrone described as “light” commercial projects in the past, but has focused more on the commercial side with the growth of Glens Falls and its surrounding areas.

“We’ve done commercial projects, like light commercial projects, before,” said Cerrone. “But more recently, there’s just been a lot more construction going on in our area that we’ve had the opportunity to bid on the jobs.”

As winter nears, Cerrone said routine maintenance is important to keep heating systems working properly.

“Routine maintenance is a big one. We do offer fall and spring services, preventative maintenance services. Those kinds of things are pretty big, because we can catch issues before they happen, so they’re not left in the middle of winter without heat,” Cerrone said. “We do offer 24/7 emergency service, but just to catch the issues before they happen and prevent them is pretty big.”

Cerrone’s service area stretches from Bolton Landing to Saratoga Springs, according to their website. 

“We’re right in Queensbury, so we’re very local for a lot of businesses in Glens Falls,” said Cerrone.

The company provides service to locations such as Glens Falls, Queensbury, Hudson Falls, Warrensburg, Fort Edward, Lake George, Gansevoort, and Wilton.

Cerrone, who grew up in Lake George, said it is “great” to be able to provide services to the local community and watch it grow through the years.

“It’s great, watching this area grow throughout the years,” said Cerrone. “Glens Falls, 15 years ago, wasn’t anything like it is today, with the new restaurants popping up that we’ve done a lot of work in.”

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